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NYC Sunset by Jose Tutiven

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Now define terrorism.

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Awesome Digital Paintings  by Artem Rhad Cheboha

RHADS (Artyom) on deviantART, on Behance

In my defense, I’ve never met a carnival I could just walk away from. In my defense, I’ll always read your letters. In my defense, I tattooed my wrist to keep it safe.
SaraEve Fermin (from her poem, What You Call One Thing I Call Another” (via wordsdancemag)

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Anonymous asked:
Ur not a tool ur a person. you werent used and you could say you used them as well. two sides 2 everything.

Yes I obviously am nothing more then that it’s pretty apparent. Especially since it seems like Thts all I ever actually was

Nothing more than a mere tool to be used.
Anonymous asked:
you know about a costume party for halloween? ;D

As of now no but who knows anything can happen!

Anonymous asked:
any cool plans coming up???

Some but nothing too special

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